UDK2018 is available for download.

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UDK2018 is available for download.

Post by uefi.tech » Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:46 pm

UDK2018 is available for download. This is the latest UEFI Development Kit release, based on a validated snapshot of EDK II. Release notes & documentation available on the TianoCore wiki.

https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore. ... ki/UDK2018

•Industry Standards & Public Specifications
◦ UEFI 2.7
◾Deprecate SMM Communication ACPI Table
◾Update Reset Notification Protocol
◾Add HII Popup Protocol
◾Add Partition Information Protocol
◾Simplify Secure Boot Revocation & usage of VerifySignature
◾Add DNS device path
◾Add EFI HTTP Boot Callback Protocol
◾Add new data type to EFI Supplicant Protocol
◾Allow SetData to clear configuration in Ip4Config2/Ip6Config

◦ UEFI PI 1.6 & PI 1.5
◾Allow SEC to pass HOBs into PEI
◾Handle PEI PPI descriptor notifications from SEC
◾Add Pre-permanent memory page allocation
◾Add FV Extended Header entry containing used FV size
◾Add additional alignment in FFS file
◾Support standalone MM module generation

◦ ACPI 6.2
◾Add ACPI IO Remapping Table (IORT) definition

•IOMMU-based DMA Protection (in IntelSiliconPkg )
•Support Stack Guard, Heap Guard and NULL Pointer Detection
•Update OpenSSL version to the new 1.1.0g.
•Support CPU PPIN, LMCE and PROC_TRACE feature.
•Add OpalPassword solution without SMM device code.
•Update performance infrastructure to save perf entry in ACPI FPDT table.
•Remove TrEE libraries and drivers.
•Support Structure PCD as Centralized Configuration Management.
•Add Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 tool chain in BaseTools tools_def.template.
•Support hash-based build to improve the incremental build performance
•Build time improvement using multi-threading in GenFds to generate FFS files
•Support XCODE5 tool chain build and boot functionality.

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